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Do you know the material classification of diamond tools?

Diamond tool materials are divided into single crystal diamond (natural and artificial diamond, natural single crystal diamond is expensive, partly replaced by artificial single crystal diamond), artificial polycrystalline diamond (PCD), artificial polycrystalline diamond and carbide composite blade (PCD/CC) and CVD diamond.

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Use of cemented carbide tools

Cemented carbide can be used as a variety of cutting tools. The amount of cemented carbide used in cutting tools in China accounts for about one-third of the total cemented carbide production, of which about 78% is used for welding tools and about 22% is used for indexable tools. The hard alloy for CNC tools only accounts for about 20% of the hard alloys for indexable tools. In addition, there are solid carbide drills, solid carbide small garden saw blades, and hard alloy micro drills.

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