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Maintenance details of diamond cutters


  Diamond tool is the main product of our company. I don't know how much you know about diamond tools. Let's briefly introduce the maintenance details of diamond tools:

  1.When placing the diamond tool head to the holder, be careful not to hit the surface of the grinding wheel.

  2.It is not possible to align the single-point diamond dressing tool head vertically to the center of the grinding wheel, typically 10-15°.

  3.It is not possible to “quench” a hot finishing tool (referring to sudden cooling). During dry dressing, the interval between two trims must be maintained sufficient to cool the hot dressing tool.

  4.It cannot be assumed that the surface of the grinding wheel has a perfect flatness. At the beginning of the trimming, find the vertex position of the grinding wheel and trim it.

  5.If possible, the amount of dressing per grinding wheel should not exceed 0.001 inches on the radius of the grinding wheel. Excessive amounts of trim can cause premature wear and frequent breakage of the diamond dressing tool head.