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Walking machine arbor non-standard custom

  The cutters produced by Xin Minghui are divided into: tooth cutter bar, inner diameter cutter bar, outer diameter cutter bar, cutting cutter bar, slot cutter bar, rear sweep bar, tungsten steel anti-vibration cutter bar, small diameter cutter bar, and walking machine. Tool bar, non-standard tool bar.

  There are three main types of arbor produced by Baohui:

  1.Heavy metal arbor:

  That is, the carbide shank is sintered by powder metallurgy with tungsten carbide as the main body and cobalt or other bonding metal. The tungsten content is above 80% and has certain seismic performance.

  2.Tungsten steel seismic bar:

  Tungsten steel shank has high hardness, and the molecular arrangement of tungsten steel is very firm in a certain direction, and is not processed during processing. Easy to vibrate, it can effectively prevent the vibration knife and improve the machining accuracy. The shank is equipped with a tuned mass damper based on the anti-resonance principle, which effectively absorbs the vibration generated during the machining of the tool and increases the stability of the tool processing.

  3.Outlet hole cutter bar (internal cooling cutter bar):

  The small hole has limited internal space, which is not conducive to chip removal and heat dissipation. Baohui's central water outlet shank, or inner cooling shank, is designed with a central hole for straight-through blades for easy chip evacuation and heat dissipation. It can effectively prevent blade softening and built-up edge caused by overheating of the blade and improve tool life. , processing efficiency and processing accuracy.

  Shenzhen Xinminghui Diamond Tool Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of hardware processing CNC lathe tools, manufacturers direct supply, standard tools 24 hours delivery, non-standard custom delivery within seven days, the tool is not suitable for returning replacement, after-sales engineers at any time Provide technical support and serve you with enthusiasm.

  Choosing the right tool can greatly improve the processing efficiency and reduce the processing cost!

  Founded in 1998, Xinminghui Company has a full range of products, including tungsten steel tool division, alloy tool division and diamond cutter division. We are looking forward to cooperating with you according to customers' needs.