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Shenzhen Xinminghui Diamond Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, integrating production and sales. Specializing in the production of diamond (PCD) circuit board knife, hardware machine plus knife, engraving knife, batch knife, chamfering knife, cubic boron nitride (CBN), natural diamond cutting tools and sales machinery, automotive, aviation industry, electronic 3C Contour precision cutting tools. (PCD) materials are exclusively produced by GE of the United States and DEBEERST of the United Kingdom.
  • Walking machine arbor non-standard custom

    The cutters produced by Xin Minghui are divided into: tooth cutter bar, inner diameter cutter bar, outer diameter cutter bar, cutting cutter bar, slot cutter bar, rear sweep bar, tungsten steel anti-vibration cutter bar, small diameter cutter bar, and walking machine. Tool bar, non-standard tool bar.

  • PCD knife grain non-standard custom

    PCD inserts can be used to machine non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and copper alloys as well as non-metals such as fiber reinforced plastics (GFK and CFK), hard rubber, wood, fiberboard, melamine polymeric materials and fiber reinforced metals (MMC). With cutting tools made of PCD materials, you can achieve faster cutting speeds and longer tool life, as well as higher surface quality and machining accuracy of the material being machined.

  • CBN knife grain non-standard custom

    CBN inserts can be used to cut hard steel, cast iron, powder, metallurgy and other materials. High performance, high precision, high wear resistance and other properties.

  • Alloy knife grain non-standard custom

    Cemented carbide not only has high wear resistance, but also has high toughness, so it is widely used. With the development of science and technology and advances in tool technology, the performance of cemented carbides has been greatly improved.

  • Tungsten steel cutter bar non-standard custom

    No Introduction

  • Small diameter boring knife non-standard custom

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