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  Shenzhen Xinminghui Diamond Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, integrating production and sales. Specializing in the production of diamond (PCD) circuit board knife, hardware machine plus knife, engraving knife, batch knife, chamfering knife, cubic boron nitride (CBN), natural diamond cutting tools and sales machinery, automotive, aviation industry, electronic 3C Contour precision cutting tools. (PCD) materials are exclusively produced by GE of the United States and DEBEERST of the United Kingdom.

  Diamond PCD diamond knives are widely used in high-precision products such as generator carburetor, furniture CD, mobile phone panel, circuit, etc., cutting high-precision, high-gloss aluminum, cast aluminum, copper, titanium alloy, silicon alloy and other non-ferrous materials. The right choice.

  First, professional production of tools:

  1、Diamond hardware machine plus tool series: PCD pick-up knife, welding type turning tool;

  2、Diamond circuit board tool series: diamond V-CUT card cutter, trimming knife, saw blade, gold finger, etc.;

  3、Diamond engraving knives, batch knives, chamfering knives, woodworking knives, reinforced composite wood floor knives series;

  4、Computer, CNC CNC lathe, automatic bed special cutting tool series: pick-up tool holder, blade, automatic turning tool, milling cutter and raw claws, thimble and other accessories;

  5、Non-standard design and production of diamond knives, tungsten steel knives and carbide knives.

  6、Professional large-scale production of CNC CNC lathe discarded handles sales and wholesale and non-standard product design and custom-made.

  7、Provide diamond tool grinding and filling services

  Second, professional sales and wholesale tools:

  1、Sales of Europe, the United States Kenner, Isca (ISCAR), Sweden Sandvik brand tools;

  2、Sales of Japanese Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Kyocera, Sumitomo brand tools;

  3、Sales of Korean KORLOY, Tegu Ke, VKX thread knives and other brand knives;

  4、Sales of tool holders, Taiwan-made cutters, and Taiwan-made thread cutters.